Champions Crowned at PNGA Senior Team Championships Include BC’s Little & McGarvey

BC's Kathryn McGarvey (L) And Jackie Little (R) Are The 2016 PNGA Senior Women's Team Champions - Image Courtesy PNGA

Bremerton, Wash. - At the 34th Pacific Northwest Senior Team Championships, Erik Hanson of Kirkland, Wash. and Craig Larson of Tacoma won the Men's Senior Team title; Charlie Wozow and Toat Brandvold, both of Snohomish, Wash. won the Men's Super Senior; Jackie Little of Port Alberni, B.C. and Kathryn McGarvey of North Vancouver, B.C. won the Women's Senior; and Mary Ryan of Renton, Wash. and Sun Douthit of Steilacoom, Wash. won the Women's Super Senior.

The four championships were held this week on the Olympic and Cascade courses at Gold Mountain Golf Club in Bremerton, Wash. and were conducted by the Pacific Northwest Golf Association (PNGA).

Each championship consisted of two-person teams, and were contested over 54 holes. The first and third round of each championship was contested in Four-Ball stroke play format, while the second round was held in the Chapman format. To be eligible, entrants must be 50 years of age or older prior to start of play in the first round.

Hanson and Larson started the final round with a 2-shot lead, and poured it on in the day's Four-Ball format, shooting a bogey-free 6-under par 66. They charged from the gate, shooting 4-under on the front nine and coasting in from there. They finished at 15-under par for the championship, five shots ahead of second-place finishers Larry Gilhuly and Jim McNelis, both of Gig Harbor, Wash.

Of the win, Hanson said it feels great. "I was glad Craig called me this year to partner with him," he said. "I couldn't make it last year, but it's great to be here at Gold Mountain. We played solid, we're a good team, and it paid off for us." Larson had to inform Hanson of the format for the championship the week before play started.

"That is true," Hanson said with a laugh. "I wasn't familiar with this particular championship, and was happy to be eligible for it. It's a fun event, I really enjoyed it, and it's great playing with Craig. The Chapman format was different for me, but the key to it really is just to keep the ball in play, stay out of trouble for your partner."

This is the fifth PNGA title for Hanson, having won the PNGA Master-40 three times and the Mid-Amateur once, but it is the first PNGA title for Larson. "It's really an honor," Larson said, of seeing his name on a championship trophy. Watch their post-championship interview here.

Wozow and Brandvold came from behind in the final round to capture the Men's Super Senior title, carding a 1-under par 71 for a championship total of 2-under par. They finished one shot better than second-place finishers Mick and Jeff Remington, who were at the top of the leaderboard with a seemingly comfortable 3-shot lead to start the day but couldn't get anything going, shooting a 3-over par 75 which enabled Wozow and Brandvold to grab the title.

"It's exciting," said Brandvold, of being the champions of the inaugural playing of the Men's Super Senior. "Thanks, really, to everyone who put this event together, all the volunteers. We had a great time, and we'll be back next year.

"We struggled in the second round, in the Chapman format," said Wozow. "We just kind of scraped it around, but played much better today." Watch their post-championship interview here.

In the Women's Senior Team, the duo of Little and McGarvey combined to shoot a final round 2-under par 70 to seal their victory.

Little and McGarvey had built a four shot lead heading into the final round, and combined for four birdies against two bogeys on the day to finish five shots ahead of second-place finishers Ginny Burkey of Eugene, Ore. and Lisa Smego of Oro Valley, Ariz. Little and McGarvey were the only team to finish the championship under par.

This was the first time Little and McGarvey had competed together as a team. "I was very nervous," McGarvey said afterward. "Jackie is a legend, a really good player, and I was just hoping to be respectable." But Little said McGarvey more than held her own, making three birdies on her own on the final day. "We ham-and-egged it very well for three days," Little said.

"The chemistry that we had going, especially yesterday, was really special," McGarvey said. "Yesterday's Chapman format is different because you're not playing every shot, and you're putting balls into positions where your partner is not used to, it's a real challenge, and somehow we found a way to make it work."

This is the first title in this championship for the two but the third time Jackie has become a PNGA Champion, having won the Senior Women's Championship twice (2008, 2009). Little was inducted into the Golf Hall of Fame of BC in 2009.

Watch their post-victory interview below.

Burkey and Smego, who were the first-round leaders, had been looking for a three-peat, having won this championship the past two years.

In the inaugural Women's Super Senior, Ryan and Douthit started the final round two shots behind second-round leaders Mary O'Donnell of Bellevue, Wash. and Carol Dick of Lakewood, Wash., but Ryan and Douthit shot an impressive 4-over par to overtake O'Donnell and Dick, winning by three shots.

To compete in these championships this week, players came from all parts of the region, including Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia, Alberta, as well as from California and Arizona.

Click here for more information on the Men's, and here for information on the Women's, including final hole-by-hole scoring and a list of past champions.

The PNGA was founded on February 4, 1899. It is a 501c3 charitable, international, amateur golf association dedicated to preserving the true spirit of golf by supporting its allied associations, conducting quality championships, and promoting activities beneficial to golfers in the Pacific Northwest. For more than a century, the Association has been a pioneer in developing competitions and services and its mission has grown and evolved. Today, the PNGA remains committed to being a truly regional organization providing benefits and services to its members and member clubs throughout the Northwest.

34th Pacific Northwest Men's Senior Team
Gold Mountain Golf Club - Olympic
Bremerton, Wash.
6413 Yards, Par 72

Larson, Craig / Hanson, Erik--66-68-66--200
McNelis, Jim / Gilhuly, Larry--68-70-67--205
Jenson, Ken / Tibke, Todd--65-71-71--207
Lundy, Lance / Bradley, Norm--70-69-68--207
Fowles, Mike / Peddle, Gary--68-72-71--211
MacGregor, Lance / Berry, Stephen H--69-71-72--212
Gallacher, John / Lindbjerg, Gudmund--66-73-74--213
Rose, Michael / Cook, Gene--71-73-70--214
Boreham, Mark / Otto, Bruce--70-75-70--215
Richmond, Pete / Olsen, Sten--71-69-75--215
Bell, Ron / Defoe, Alan--68-73-75--216
Hale, Tom / Hale, Andy--69-74-74--217
Yalowicki, Ryan / Kilbride, Lance--73-73-71--217
Crose, Mark / Steppe, Verle--72-72-74--218
Barry, Roger / Huru, Mitchell--69-77-73--219
Shelton, Scott / Alexander, John--71-76-72--219
Howell, Jeff / Thacker, Dan--72-71-77--220
MacPherson, Earl / Bolokoski, Bernie--68-74-78--220
Frenette, Don / McMillan, John--68-74-79--221
Little, Douglas / Adams, Mark--71-75-75--221
Reni, Paul / MacGeorge, Steve--69-80-72--221
Cummins, Larry / Osaka, Kurt--72-74-76--222
Dolder, Michael / Brown, Rhett--71-75-77--223
MacDonald, Steve / Ball, John--67-78-78--223
Uno, Pepper / Lee, Lester--73-75-75--223
Klein, Ed / Robb, Michael--74-76-74--224
Bethune, Lauchlin / Oberbillig, Joe--71-78-76--225
Clarke, Ray W / Rowan, Ken--71-78-76--225
Murnan, Dan / Roe, John--73-76-76--225
Goodison, Gary / Kocher, Greg--73-76-77--226
Pollock, Daryl / Weltman, Jeffrey--76-79-76--231
Sanders, Michael / Williams, Rob--79-81-76--236
Church, Bob / Wall, John--78-78-82--238
St. Denis, Roy / Gibbins, Mike--78-82-78--238
Russell, Gary / Ralston, Dave--79-81-79--239
Snyder, John / Stewart, Tod--81-79-80--240
Mackenzie, Duncan / Hinton, David--75-86-80--241
Sarkissian, Jim / Blumer, Randy--78-83-81--242
Lucurell, Dow / Jensen, Dan--78-85-80--243
Metcalfe, Ed / Ratcliffe, Dean--75-82-88--245
Dinces, Frank / Spagna, Chris--78-85-83--246
Sloan, Dave / Riding, Clay--83-95-82--260

1st Pacific Northwest Men's Super Senior Team
Gold Mountain Golf Club - Olympic
5914 Yards, Par 72

Wozow, Charlie / Brandvold, Toat--67-75-71--213
Remington, Jeff / Remington, Mick--69-70-75--214
Kubisa, Tom / Manchion, Ben--71-72-73--216
Petersen, Ronald / Gamble, Travis--71-76-75--222
Schmitz, Ron / Baer, Kerry--69-78-76--223
Kay, Stephen / Kay, Marty--77-78-76--231
Haselwood, Bob / Uszynski, Thomas--75-80-77--232
Caudill, Dennis / Watters, Joel--75-81-77--233
Reinikka, Al / Roland, Bill--79-76-79--234
Ferguson, James / Estok, John--76-80-79--235
Richards, Guy H / Ferguson, Dick--74-85-80--239
Hale, Ralph / Taylor, Larry--78-80-82--240
Ewing, Kyle / Vincent, Tony--79-82-81--242
Weisenberger, Bill / Hales, John--75-86-81--242
Hubbard, Walter / Johnson, Gregory--78-92-79--249
Kelley, Phil / Smith, Gregory--82-90-87--259
Kauffman, George / Mackenzie, John--83-91-88--262
Kelly, Bob / Kirkebo, Jamie--72-79-NC--NC

34th Pacific Northwest Women's Senior Team
Gold Mountain Golf Club - Olympic
5220 Yards, Par 72

Little, Jackie / McGarvey, Kathryn--70-73-70--213
Burkey, Ginny / Smego, Lisa--69-78-71--218
Eglin, Nancy / Yarbrough, Michelle--76-77-74--227
Hood, Michelle / Acton, Debbie--73-78-77--228
Klein, Gretchen / Drummey, Sharon--74-82-73--229
Merritt, Cindy / Provazek, Kathy--73-83-74--230
Sias, Mary / Nelson, Jackie--74-85-74--233
Titus, Kim / Whitcher, Kristy--76-80-77--233
Kay, Cathy / Molzhon, Kellie--77-81-77--235
Link, Jeanne / Bartholomay, Carol--77-81-77--235
Wilson, Alisa / Martin, Joyce--78-82-75--235
Seydel, Annette / Adams, Kristine--76-85-75--236
Michelson, Sarah / Schille, Joan--79-78-80--237
Smith, Tammy / Wentworth, Kathy--78-84-76--238
Pearson, Linda / Oberg, Sandra--78-85-78--241
Chow, Di / Fraser, Debbie--77-84-81--242
Law, Diane / Donaldson, Deborah--76-85-81--242
Cole, Robin / Stewart, Cindi--79-85-80--244
Marks, Hallie / Baker, Crystal--78-88-80--246
Petryk, Denise / Hansen, Teresa--79-88-80--247
Daly, Nancy A / Meadows, Jane--79-82-87--248
LoDolce, Meg / Denhart, Ann--79-83-86--248
Gish, Julie / Thompson, Shirley--81-91-78--250
Luze, Sandy / Olson, Marilyn--79-85-86--250
Owings, Amy / Chikamura, Yuki--76-89-86--251
Thomas, Rory / O'Brien, Karen--81-89-82--252
Fortier, Barbara / Jackson, Terri--85-83-85--253
Mendoza, Judi / Hart, Maureen--84-89-81--254
Bacon, Barbara / Ellis, Kathy E--78-92-86--256
Harrop-Schumacher, Pat / Taylor, Carol--82-89-85--256
Quinn, Lee / Bingham, Chris--80-95-81--256
Gahr, Barbara / Fisher, Teresa--83-88-89--260
Hale, Connie / Lagerquist, Linda--80-97-84--261
Webb, Toni / Elliott, Polly--83-88-90--261
Cockrell, Theresa / Jarratt, Carlotta--81-93-88--262
Smith, Margaret / Roll, Lynn--84-95-83--262
Rogerson, Laurie / Tucker, Melissa--84-94-86--264
Graham, Kim / Devlin, Eleanor--84-92-89--265
Robertson, Linda / Vandehey, Addie--90-98-88--276
Beste, Anne / Pape, Diann--90-99-91--280
Harris, Frances / Hurson, Merrilee--93-97-97--287
Chrisler, Diane / Bivins, Ellie L--91-93-104--288
Smith, Arlene / Saari, Bev--93-100-98--291
Gibson, Ellen / Houser, Cindy--91-102-102--295
Perry, Lynn / Rice, Mary--95-103-98--296
Hodges, Joan / Rottler, Barbara--99-106-98--303

1st Pacific Northwest Women's Super Senior Team
Gold Mountain Golf Club - Olympic
5220 Yards, Par 72

Ryan, Mary / Douthit, Sun--75-86-76--237
O'Donnell, Mary / Dick, Carol--76-83-81--240
Morrison, Nettie / Breitenstein, Nancy--77-86-78--241
Hanich, Dee / Arkell, Susan--80-84-82--246
Palmer, Dr. Susan / Anderson, Cindy--78-85-83--246
Hansen, Karen / Rogers, Doris--81-90-86--257
Brown, Sandra / Reno, Annette--86-99-89--274
Raff, Judy / Rompa, Shari--85-100-102--287
Conway, Pat / Langston, Kathy--93-99-96--288
Killgore, Barb / Williams, B.J.--93-114-100--307
Evans, Laurie / Wusterbarth, Lois--98-108-102--308
Hunter, Amy / Fountain, Phyllis--103-107-NC--NC