72-Year-Old Plays 108 Rounds Over 96 Days Across 48 States


When Nick Karnazes, then age 72, told his cardiologist about his plan to play 96 rounds of golf over 96 days across the 48 contiguous United States, he was warned that he might be coming home in a pine box.

“No one lives forever,” Karnazes, now 82, told his doctor at the time, fully aware that he was a candidate for heart surgery. “I have a daughter in heaven, so if something happened to me, I’d be with her. I had already mailed out letters to all the courses. I love golf. I’m going on the trip.”

Karnazes began doing some research and found that 18 people had played 48 rounds in 48 states, but no one had played two rounds in each state over 96 days. While others had circuited the country in small planes, Karnazes drove – mostly by himself – from one tee time to the next in an RV.

Dubbed “The Happy Golfer” by Callaway, the brand supplied him with clubs, balls, and apparel.

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