Please Beware Of Holiday email Scams

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Just a friendly reminder to all golfers in British Columbia that as much as this is the time of year for giving and celebrating, there are unfortunately also those who will look to take advantage of the 'seasonal goodwill' that flows during this time. 

We received a reminder of this from our friends down south at the Arizona Golf Associaton who shared a scam attempt sent to their members with a fake GoFundMe campaign. We've pasted the warning they shared with us below and wish to remind all of you to always be on the lookout and be aware of this type of communication.


British Columbia Golf will NOT send out a communication of this sort directly to our members, so if you receive anything that resembles an ask for a donation of this sort do not take part. 

If you ever do see something of this nature or are unsure if you've received a communcation that is not authentic please let us know. You can email or any one of our staff whose contact information can be found here.