Helping Women Say “Yes” To Golf

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by Lindsay Knowlton, Iron Lady Golf (via SIRC)

I started playing golf for the hot dogs. As a 14-year-old girl, I wanted to make friends with the other kids at my golf club. My major motivation after 9 holes was celebrating with friends over a hot dog and a chocolate milkshake. Flash forward 25 years, and golf is my passion. I’ve played and competed around the world. I’ve also taught more than 10,000 women how to play golf.

Like me, these women are almost always interested in more than learning how to play golf. They learn to be included in their work events or to spend more time with their partners and families. They learn to find new friendships and travel companions, to exercise, spend time in nature or get some fresh air.

Now more than ever, golf is about much more than just the game. Community is the glue that makes golf stick. In this blog, I offer strategies and tips, based on research and my own experiences, to help golf clubs and organizations create inclusive, welcoming environments that help women say “yes” to golf.

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About the Author(s)
Lindsay Knowlton is the founder of Iron Lady Golf and a member of the PGA of Canada. She’s passionate about helping more women say “yes” to golf and building communities. Lindsay was the Captain of the Ohio State Women’s Golf Team, a 3-year Member of Canada’s National Team and a Silver Medalist at the 2004 World Championships. She has also recorded 3 holes-in-1!