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Benefits include:

Equipment Protection

Golf Canada Incident Protection Program provides up to $1,500 reimbursement for damaged, lost, or stolen equipment.

  • Peace of mind, whether you are playing at your home club or on a golf vacation

Equipment Identification & Retrieval

Access our golf equipment lost and found! Your Membership includes personalized Equipment ID Labels so you (hopefully) never lose a club again.

  • Connect to lost clubs through our innovative online tracking system
  • Private identification labels to place on clubs and other valuable equipment
  • Mobile-friendly tracking allows finders to message you the location of your club for pick-up

 Travel Protection

With a Golf Canada Membership, golfers receive coverage against travel related incidents.

  • Members receive up to $1,500 reimbursement towards travel related equipment protection

Broken Window Protection

Bad shots are now pane free. Golf Canada Incident Protection Program provides relief in the event your ball damages a window on or near the course.

  • Members receive up to $1,000 reimbursement towards the cost of repairing or replacing the window

Accident Protection

Because your driving could use some work, Golf Canada Incident Protection Program covers you in the event of an unfortunate, and costly, golf cart accident.

  • Up to $1,500 in the event of a potentially costly golf cart accident

Track Your Golf Game

Measure your golf game with an Official Golf Canada Handicap Factor. An Official Handicap Factor makes playing golf more enjoyable and allows for equitable competition against other golfers.

  • Easy-to-use tools to post and track your golf game
  • Follow other golfers, track your favourite facilities, achieve badges for bragging rights, and more
  • Golf scores at your fingertips. Official Handicaps are tracked within the Golf Canada Score Centre, a tool that can be accessed at your club, online and on your phone

Member Exclusive Discounts:

Apparel, Gear & Events

  • Member-Exclusive Discounts: 15% off tickets to the RBC Canadian Open and the CP Women’s Open
  • Member-Exclusive Prices On Golf Canada merchandise
  • Golf benefits with RBC Insurance for home and auto

Official Rules Of Golf

Your Membership gives you FREE online access to the official Rules Of Golf so you can better understand all playing rules and ultimately improve your golf game.

  • Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf, a pocket-sized print publication (Free Rules Level 1, Members save 50% on Rules Level 2 – a savings of $19.99)

Support The Future Of Canadian Golf

Support growing the next generation of golfers. Canada’s leading junior golf development program features in-school, outreach and facility programming.

  • Membership dues are reinvested into Grow the Game programs such as First Tee and Golf in Schools
  • Support Canadian youth as they learn the life skills that are acquired through golf

Golf Canada Welcome Kit

Delivered to your home or your home course, the Member Welcome Kit includes:

  • Welcome Booklet with member benefit details
  • Personalized Member Card and Bag Tag – show off your membership & Canadian pride
  • Golf Canada Equipment ID labels ($14.95 value)

Types of British Columbia Golf Member Clubs

Category 1

A club that owns or leases a golf course and maintains on a regular and continuing basis a junior, men’s and women’s membership and golf committees for the benefit of the members of such club, which has been approved by the Board for membership in accordance with the By-Laws.

Category 2

A group with a minimum number, as set by Golf Canada, of individuals who have become organized for the purpose of playing golf together without owning or leasing a golf course, which has a name and an organizational document acceptable to the Board and which has been approved by the Board for membership in accordance with the By-Laws.

Category 3

A golf course that is operated for the convenience of the public and allows on a regular or continuing basis affiliated Category II groups to be based on the course for regular play and competitions amongst members of the group and that has been approved by the Board for membership in accordance with the By-Laws

Category 4

A golf course that is operated for the convenience of guests or the public and does not maintain on a regular or continuing basis a junior, women’s and a men’s membership or golf committee for the benefit of its members.