Titleist Orders of Merit


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The Titleist Orders of Merit are used to identify and give recognition to top performing amateur and junior golfers across British Columbia who have achieved success in the golf season.

The Titleist Orders of Merit are based on those tournaments that represent an extremely high standard of competition. A point system is used based on the scores and results of the players in the approved tournaments in order to objectively rank each individual's performance. It provides a comparison/ranking system for British Columbia’s top amateur players to compare themselves to their counterparts across the province.

Criteria and points are continually under review to align with WAGR events as applicable and are subject to adjustment.

Note: For combined events (example: BC Mid-Amateur/Mid Master) players will receive points only for the event in which they obtain the most points, not both.

The Top 5 events will be counted for all Men's and Women's categories, and the Top 7 events for the Junior categories. Click on the links to see the events that count towards the order of merit and their starting values.

Junior Boys  

Junior Girls  



Women's Mid Amateur 

Men's Mid Amateur 

Women's Mid Master 

Men's Mid Master 

Women's Senior

Men's Senior 

Please click here to see Point Allocations based on Field Size and Starting Value

2019 Orders of Merit

  • Junior Boys              Final standings
  • Men                            Final standings 
  • Mid-Am Men              Final standings 
  • Mid-Master Men        Final standings 
  • Senior Men                Final standings 


  • Junior Girls                Final standings
  • Women                       Final standings 
  • Mid-Am Women         Final standings  
  • Mid-Master Women   Final standings 
  • Senior Women           Final standings 


2018 Orders of Merit 



2017 Orders of Merit