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Course Rating & Handicap FAQ:

To Post or Not Post - British Columbia's 'Active' Season

Maintaining Your Course Rating

Q: When is the 'Active Season' for posting scores in British Columbia?

  • The 'Active Season' in British Columbia is March 1 - November 15. This is the time in which courses may 'open' for the posting of scores. As each course differs in playability, courses may choose to open later than this date or may choose to close their course for posting during this time period. For more info, please read "To Post or Not Post" above.

Q: If my course is 'In-Active', do I have to wait to post scores played down south?

  • If you play on a course in another region with an 'Active Season' you must post these scores for handicap purposes. You should post these to your Golf Canada Score Centre account as soon as possible after you complete your round. So if you play a course in January in Hawaii, post the score in January.

Q: How do I register for British Columbia Golf Championship events?

You can go to the Championships page on the BC Golf website and find information there, or email the BC Golf Tournament Director, Jerome Goddard at 

Get Your Child Started:

Taking the first step towards introducing your children to the game of golf is commendable. As a parent, you play an important role in all of your children’s accomplishments and experiences. The number one rule for every child is to stay safe and have fun.


Q:  How do I get started?

  • Getting started is simpler than you may think. Watching the professionals on the PGA TOUR or LPGA Tour on TV or at a tournament is a great start to introduce your children to golf. You can also make it a family outing to go to the driving range or small golf courses.

Q:  Where can I get golf clubs for my kid(s)?

  • Stores such as Golf Town and Sport Chek sell a wide variety of clubs for both boys and girls of all ages. Golf courses and driving ranges near you also sell sets of golf clubs for kids of all ages. U.S. Kids Golf is a good site to check and Eaglequest Golf facilities often handle their equipment locally. 

Q:  Are there any clubs or events that my kid(s) can join?

  • The First Tee Program of British Columbia is coming on board very soon. Check back here for more information in April of 2021.

Q:  Are there any golf courses nearby? If so, do they have junior memberships?

  • Every golf course offers Junior Memberships; no matter the skill level. It is a great opportunity for your child to meet other children and to further progress into the game of golf. For a list of golf courses in British Columbia click HERE and for links to their membership categories please click HERE

Q:  Why get involved?

  • People often say that golf is an expensive and time consuming sport but there are a lot of benefits that both you and your children will be able to take out of it. Golf is a game that strengthens both your mind and body as well as teaches your child honesty, etiquette, and respect for tradition. It is a sport you can really play for life.

Contact British Columbia Golf Manager of Golf Participation, Tyler McKay at and he can answer a lot of your questions on the best way to introduce your kids to the game.