The Rules of Golf were updated by golf's governing bodies and published effective January 1st, 2019. There have been some new changes announced that will come into effect January 1st, 2023. A look at those changes can be found here.

More frequently, decisions are made about interpretations of the rules, and when these are available, will be referenced on this page. Notice of important decisions will be given on the British Columbia Golf website and in our newsletter.

To view how to obtain current Rules of Golf publications click HERE.

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The Committee Toolkit is now live on the R&A website. It contains a useful Local Rules Creator and Resource Centre for Committees to help them prepare for 2019.

Whether you are a Committee member or a referee, this “Toolkit” is designed to help you understand and apply the Committee Procedures section of the Official Guide to the Rules of Golf.

Local Rules Creator
The Local Rules Creator aims to help Committees with the process of writing and updating Local Rules. It is strongly recommended that you review the purpose of each Local Rule to ensure they are appropriate for the competition or course. The purpose of each Model Local Rule is detailed in Section 8 of the Committee Procedures.

Resource Centre
The resources available in the Resource Centre include information for both Committees and Referees. It includes information to help Committees apply the Committee Procedures, related information and resources for those looking to further understand the changes to the 2019 Rules of Golf.

2019 Rules of Golf

Click on the image below to see the new rules of golf online.

As the National Sport Federation and governing body of golf in Canada, Golf Canada, in conjunction with the R&A and the USGA, unveiled the 2019 Rules of Golf. This joint initiative was designed to modernize the Rules and make them easier to understand and apply. Please visit the Golf Canada website Rules section for details on the new rules which came into effect in January of 2019 and for useful visual assets and access to publications on the modernization of golf's rules.

Golf Adjusts Rule On Caddies Standing Behind Players

Click HERE to see new rule on Caddies standing behind players