Registration Now Open For April & May Women's Golf 'Cloud' Series

The 2024 golf season is upon us in many areas of BC and to help kick things off the Women's Golf Cloud Series events for April and May are now open for registration. See more information and the link for registration below. 

About the Cloud Series – Presented by British Columbia Golf

The Women’s Golf Cloud Series is an idea that came to life in 2023 when we were looking for ways to leverage technology to create more playing opportunities for female golfers around BC.

We discovered that many female golfers really enjoy team golf so we designed this series to provide them with just that. The Cloud Series consists of 6 events, one event per month (April through September), each being a different team format. Golf Genius is used for scoring the events and teams have the ability to play any course / tee they want in BC or the Yukon through the use of their GGID (Golf Genius Identification). This is the ‘Cloud’ portion of the event.

For each event prizes are awarded for the low gross and low net teams, additionally, each event has a draw prize that is solely based on participation. At the end of the series we have 4 grand participation prizes that are awarded via draw to 4 golfers who played and submitted a score for each event.

The 2023 Women’s Golf Cloud Series had an average event registration of 381 golfers per event, participation in 7 of the 8 zones, and 68 total golf courses were played. We are extremely excited for the 2024 version of the series and seeing all these numbers grow!

Click HERE to go to the British Columbia Golf Championships website and use the 'Cloud Series' drop down menu tab for registration.