Video: We've Heard Of Being A Long Driver...But This Is Ridiculous

Golf Trick Shot artist and 3-time Guiness Book of World Records holder, Karsten Maas, is at it again. Maas, who has been a golf professional for 30 years is mainly known as a trick shot artist and hits some amazing shots with unusual (to say the least) golf clubs.

One of his staples is hitting a ball with clubs measuring further in shaft length than some of us hit the ball itself.

Already the holder of the record for hitting a shot with 'The Longest Useable Club' Mass recently 'added' to his mark by swinging, connecting with a ball, and hitting it over 90 yards... using a driver that measured nearly 37 1/2 feet in length. 

World record video for the third World Record from Karsten Maas. The longest usable golf club, 11,40 meters  (37.4 ft)  ...  hit 83,3 meters...(273.294 ft or 91.098 yds)



To get an idea of Maas' other Trick Shot abilities watch this video.