BC Lands 4 Courses In Golfers' Choice: Best Value Golf Courses In Canada

"Hyde Mountain On Mara Lake Golf Course In B.C. Delivers Dazzling Views At A Great Price" According To Reviewer u1748438 From Golf Advisor (Image Credit GolfAdvisor Reviewer u1748438)

GolfAdvisor's list of the top 25 Best Value courses in Canada include 4 layouts found in Britrish Columbia.

Here's how they ranked according to the 'Canada Golfers' Choice list, where raters were seeking the best value among the courses in the country and GolfAdvisor scanned their reviews from 2019.

They combined a course's overall and value star-rating averages from reviews submitted by their 'rating' community throughout the year.

Courses needed a minimum of 10 reviews in 2019 to be considered. You can click on each course in the list once you go to the site to learn more about what makes the experience stand out.

Canadian golf courses reviewed in 2019: 700
Reviews of Canadian golf courses in 2019: 8,989


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