How Is The Coronavirus Pandemic Affecting Recreational Golf?

Courtesy editors

There are lots of questions about the state of the world these days. While we can’t provide answers to some of the more important questions, we can answer some questions about how golf can exist in our current reality.

Here are a few common questions and our best answers on how recreational golf will be affected in the coming weeks and months.

Should I feel safe playing golf right now?

With the information we have available at the moment, yes. But there should be some extra precautions taken when out on the links.

According to one expert, “Being in a wide-open, outdoor space is the least at-risk scenario.” But there are still certain cautious measures to take when on the course.

Close-contact transmission appears to be how the coronavirus is most easily spread. So instead of riding in a cart, maybe walk instead. Or if you need to take a cart, ride alone. This decreases the risk of close contact on the course.

The virus can also live on surfaces, so be careful with flagsticks and rakes. Luckily, under the new rules of golf, you can putt with the flagstick in with no penalty. The post-round handshake should also be done away with for now.

At the end of the day, stay informed on CDC guidelines and know how to protect yourself and others. Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, no handshakes, etc. Beyond that, use common sense and play away.

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