A Little Golf Humour And Entertainment...Just Because

The intent of this page is very simple, to make you laugh, smile or at least be entertained. The theme is golf, which makes sense we think.

And humour, which almost always makes sense too. Enjoy.

Ryan Rustand

Worlds best left handed trickshot artist
Team @cobragolf @pumagolf
Father, Golfer, Content Creator
Orlando, FL






Click on image below to seen another trick shot.

Annnnnddd....how about another one? Okay.

And as long as we're at it, check out the 'social-distancing' Team Trick Shot by the Performance squad from BC Golf below.


Life In The Trap - A Golf Comic Strip by Rick Newell

Click HERE to see other Rick Newell 'Life In The Trap' comic strips and learn about the characters in it. 

Miguel Angel Jimenez warm up routine

No, this isn't that funny, but even Miguel mentions while doing them that it might look silly. But it works....

Gary Mule Deer On Golf - The Dilemma

Ends up with some only very slightly off-colour language, but the delivery of the joke is outstanding.