2020 BC Blind Golf 'Cloud' Championships A Big Success

Blind Golfers Have A Coach/Guide Who Can Line Up The Club Behind The Ball For The Player - Image Courtesy Western Canadian Blind Golf Association

An inaugural 'Cloud' Blind Golf Championship took place at various golf courses across the country last week and proved to be well received.

With the hard work of Creston, BC's Darren Douma, who is the President of the Western Canadian Blind Golf Assoc. and the Vice President of Blind Golf Canada, along with Doug Hastie from British Columbia Golf, sight-impaired golfers from BC to Ontario were able to play rounds at a home course or one near to their residence and submit scores to be compared on the basis of the course rating.

Using this method players were able to play at a time that worked for them and also not have to be concerned with travel which was a big benefit both for health & saftey reasons, as well as without incurring the added expense. 

In Blind Golf, players are categorized by their level of sight impairment. B1 players are totally blind, up to B3, comprised of golfers who have vision from 20/200 to 20/600. All are classified as legally blind.

Blind golfers have handicaps just like sighted players and compete against one another in both gross (total strokes, not using handicaps) and net events (includes handicaps). There are some modifications to the Rules of Golf to accommodate blind golfers. e.g. clubs can be grounded in bunkers.

The role of the caddie/coach in blind golf is very important. Guides generally align players, often place club heads directly behind the golf ball and follow the flight of the ball. The guide also ensures the player’s safety when moving about the golf course.

Due to the success of this event, talk had begun with the hope of arranging a North American Blind Golf 'Cloud' Championship for next season.

2020 BC Blind Golf Cloud Championship Final Results

Overall Low Net Champion Johanna Camarta 123.8

Westlock, AB Coach: Ron Camarta

Overall Low Net Runner-Up    Kiefer Jones 129.2

            Calgary, AB Coach: Deb Frey

B1 (No Vision) Low Gross Category

            Winner: Joe Furber 222

            Winnipeg, Manitoba Coach: Francis Oliver

            Runner-Up: Gerry Nelson 225

            Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Coach: Chris Villeneauve

B2 (5 percent Vision) Low Gross Category

            Winner: Darcy Furber 179

            Winnipeg, Manitoba Coach: Ron Oliver

            Runner-Up: Kevin Frost 195

            Ottawa, Ontario Coach: Loretta Lachance

B3 (10 percent Vision) Low Gross Category

            Winner: Kiefer Jones 141

            Calgary Alberta Coach: Deb Frey

            Runner-Up: Reg Opersko 165 Waterford, Ontario

Ladies Low Gross Champion

            Johanna Camarta-Westlock, AB  208

            Coach: Ron Camarta

Ladies Low Net Champion

            Lillian Haas- Winnipeg, Manitoba 133.4

            Coach Gordon Melnyk