Building The 'Wakanda' For Young Black Golfers

In the latest edition of The ModGolf Podcast, creator and host, Colin Weston, interviews Andy Walker, the Director of The UGA Academy & Player Development.

Walker explains how the state-of-the-art facility in Florida he calls The Wakanda For Golf aims to teach this game at the highest level "...with resources that include biomechanics and short game area to learn how to score develop emotionally, physically and mentally.”

We will introduce players of African decent to the industry because not all of them are going to play on tour. We want to flood the industry with qualified professionals that go into the management side of the game, or golf architecture, club design, agronomy. All the different opportunities with the PGA and on The PGA Tour.”

"It's so much bigger than just the technology involved. When we talk about creating Wakanda For Golf, we're referring to Black Panther, which was such a hit for people of colour because for the first time there's a hero that looks like us. Now talented young black golfers are going to be inspired by seeing people that look and talk like them, who are competing, practicing and grinding on their game."

- Andy Walker, Director of The UGA Academy & Player Development shares how he's passionately giving back to the game he loves.

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