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June 23, 2014

Jim Lee (British Columbia Golf)

RICHMOND, BC - A few years ago, we surveyed readers of our newsletter about what they spent on golf.  Naturally, the  largest expenditures were on memberships, green fees and golf travel.  Unfortunately for many of us, not very much was spent on golf lessons.  Fourty four percent said they spent nothing on lessons and twenty eight percent said they spent less than $100 the previous year (2012).

I'm probably like a lot of high-handicappers, I'm afraid what a professional might say about my swing.  I'm sure they wouldn't laugh.

You hear a lot about just wanting to have fun while golfing.  But the inescapable fact is that the better you golf, the more fun you have.  The more good shots you hit, and the fewer bad ones, the more you'll enjoy a round of golf.  You'll lose fewer balls (which is often how I measure my round) which is good for the pocketbook.

So taking a lesson is good for your game and you'll have more fun.  Many of us would think nothing of spending $300 on a new driver but balk at spending the same amount on a lesson or two.  The lessons will be better for your game than a new driver.

Here's a link to the PGA of BC website which lists all the golf professionals in the province by region and by course or range.  You'll find one near you.  Try it, you'll like it.  Click here.

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