Video: How Golf Saved My Life - The Story Of BC's Adam Fine & His Journey

In the words of Vancouverite Adam Fine, "Golf helped me persevere through the most difficult chapter of my life."

As Fine explains:

"In 2015 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune liver disease. I began playing twilight golf at Harding Park in San Francisco to distract myself from the slow deterioration of my health. My passion for golf grew into an obsession, and I played frequently until I received a liver transplant in 2018. After recovering from my surgery, I was fortunate to enjoy playing rounds of golf at Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, and other bucket list golf courses."

He goes on to tell the story about one of the first things he found out about the person from whom he received his life-saving opportunity, "Later, I learned that I share a special connection with my liver donor, who shared my passion for golf."

In this video Adam Fine explains the hugely important role the game of golf played in not only dealing with his situation but in his rehabilitation and his life going forward.