Golf Specialty License Program Attracts Huge Interest Among Association Members

A Potential Golf Themed Specialty License Plate Program Has Garnered Interest In BC 
More than 2500 British Columbia Golf subscribers clicked through to express their thoughts on the potential new program...
 BC Golf sent out two notices in January about the government and ICBC wanting to gauge interest for the expansion of the specialty license plate program in British Columbia.
And our members definitely were paying attention. More than half our subscribers opened the initial email making it one of our most read emails ever.
By the end of the month, more than 5% of our subscribers had gone to the Government website to show their support. In all, there were 2,623 total click-thrus. 
Kris Jonasson, CEO of British Columbia Golf, is excited - but not surprised - to see the strong response, "XXX"
The idea has tremendous potential benefits for golf in the province. An expanded program would raise funds and awareness for non-profit organizations and charities. Proceeds from specialty license plate purchases would go to the sponsoring organization.


British Columbia Golf, in conjunction with the Allied Golf Association would like to see golf take advantage of this with proceeds being used to encourage kids to get more physically active through golf and to promote BC as a destination for tourist golfers.

If golf is successful in getting a specialty plate, it would join the BC Parks and Veterans commemorative plates which were initiated in 2017. The BC parks license plate costs an initial fee of $50 and a recurring annual fee of $40.
Whether or not  you took part in the survey, you can still show your support by contacting your MLA. Just tell them you support the idea of a Specialty License Program for golf in the province mentioning the health benefits and the tourism return on investment.
You can find every MLA's contact email HERE