• Rules Video - Ernie Els Plays From Hazard

    June 30, 2014

    Jim Lee (British Columbia Golf)

    RICHMOND, BC - During the 1994 US Open played at Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont Pennsylvania, Ernie Els' tee shot finds a water hazard - but there's no water in it.  The hazard has been marked as a lateral water hazard.  The vegetation is thick and its probably muddy.  But Els has a choice - play it as it lies or take a stroke penalty and a drop. 

    Els decides to play the ball as it lies.  Its a shot normal golfers probably wouldn't try, but it works out fine for him.  He goes on to win the event in a 3 way playoff against Colin Montgomerie and Loren Roberts.

    Watch the video.

    Photo courtesy of by Stuart Franklin (Sportingheroes.net)


  • Tiger Woods - from the fringe

    June 20, 2014

    Jim Lee (British Columbia Golf)

    RICHMOND - In this rules video from the USGA, in 2002 Tiger Woods accomplishes something he probably hasn't done very often - land a ball on an adjacent green.  But the ball is not quite on the green, its resting up against the fringe around the green.  In playing the shot though, his feet have to be on the green.  Watch the video to see the ruling.

    Photo courtesy of Wikipedia, taken October, 2002