Eaglequest Coquitlam Expands Junior Programs

The Eaglequest Golf Centre in Coquitlam is not only one of the best practice and learning facilities in the Lower Mainland, but they have outstanding junior programs for kids of all ages.

And they recently expanded their program so that not only do they offer the typical weekly five - 1 hour classes, but several more comprehensive lesson packages as well.

As of this past April they started the "Junior Eagles Club" which is a 3 month program where the kids visit the centre on a weekday after school for 12 consecutive weeks.

The main focus is getting the kids on the golf course to play with some proficiency.

The instructors cover all the skills, etiquette and sportsmanship which help make golf such a unique and great game for life.

The kids also receive 5 baskets of balls per month to practise as well as 2 green fees. It's like a membership with lessons and all the perks to help promote practise. The cost for this program is $299 per 3 month block.

During the summer months they teach the Full Day Camps. The kids come from 9-4pm Monday through Friday. On a typical week they put through 50 kids (approximately 450 kids per summer).

The bonus of having the golf camps at EQ is the facility. They have a 9-hole Par 3 golf course, 18-hole Mini-Putt course, a 72 stall driving range and a putting and chipping green to practise.

Here is quick synopsis of the junior programs available. For full details including dates and costs, please visit the their website listed at the bottom of the article.

This program will provide a basic introduction to the game, the swing, rules, etiquette and safety. The focus is on where to start and finish the swing with some emphasis on chipping and putting.

JUNIOR EAGLES (ages 7-15)
This program is for all ability levels, where the junior will learn the basic skills to play golf. The objective is to increase their knowledge of the swing and teach them, how to control a golf club to produce desired results.

This (learn and play program) is a program designed for those kids 7-15 years old who want to golf on a weekly basis. The primary goal of the program is for the child to be comfortable on the golf course without supervision. He or she will receive guidance from the instructor on all the skills needed to play golf, including etiquette, rules and course management. As the program develops golf tournaments, and fun events will take place.

They have also become involved with the highly successful and popular program called SNAG (Starting New At Golf).

This program has proven to be a real hit with young kids in schools as it is a great way to introduce youngsters to the concept of the game while keeping it fun and enjoyable.

For more information on SNAG and the junior programs as well as adult lessons and the other amenities to be found at EQ visit their website at www.eaglequestgolf.com

You can also contact:

Shiella Cowan (Canadian PGA)
Head Golf Professional and Director of Instruction
EQ Coquitlam