CN Future Links Jr. Skills Challenge Brings Out The Best In Kids - On And Off The Course

CN Future Links Offers Junior Programs In Communities Across The Country For Boys & Girls From The Ages Of 6-18 - Image Courtesy CN Future Links

by Gino Cutri, British Columbia Golf

CN Future Links is Canada’s junior golf program allowing kids from the ages of 6 – 18 the opportunity to learn and play the game of golf through affordable and accessible programs. Eaglequest at Coyote Creek were proud to host their first ever CN Future Links Jr. Skills Challenge over the June 4-5th weekend.

The organizers and volunteers were pleased to have very positive feedback from the parents and kids alike, saying, “They really enjoyed the whole experience, and think it really motivates more young kids to get into golf and I think more of these events are going to be great for us in BC.”

Eaglequest happened to be the lone public golf facility to host a CN Future Links Jr. Skills Challenge and it was refreshing for parents to have an option for their kids to learn and play golf in the community.

“It’s nice to have a public setting, you can look at the group of kids that are here and they’re from all different backgrounds, and it’s a great experience to be able to have my sons play with these other boys and girls of all different ethnicities here on the public course,” said one father.

The junior skills challenge has the participants drive, chip, and putt from a variety of distances and locations, and then record their scores to be tallied at the conclusion of the event.

The top three kids from every age bracket across Canada will be rewarded with an RBC Canadian Open pass allowing them to go inside the ropes and meet some of the tour players and caddies. Scott Cranston the General Manager of Eaglequest golf says it’s an amazing opportunity for some lucky kids.

Although the Jr. Skills Challenge is a competition, the sportsmanship displayed by the kids was truly genuine. High fives, and cheers after every shot good or bad became the 'norm' early on in the day. It was a friendly reminder that golf is still just a game that’s ultimately about having fun.

Cranston is proud Eaglequest partnered with British Columbia Golf to run all their programs at both their Surrey and Coquitlam locations,“One of them is the skills competition, and then we’re offering mobile clinics between the two sites as well, and the girls club, and the junior club. So between the two sites we’re covering all of the offerings that are part of the Future Links program,” he said.

Looking ahead to next year Cranston wants to further increase the participation, and would love to expand the event to get more kids out playing and enjoying golf.

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