BC Golf's 'Coach Shayain' Hosts Social Distancing Women's Golf Day Clinic

Coach Shayain Leads Her Women's Golf Day Clinic In Their Warm-up Session - Image Courtesy Shayain Gustavsp

At this year's Annual General Meeting, British Columbia Golf welcomed 3 new directors onto their Board. One of those new directors is Shayain Gustavsp, who also happens to be an accredited LPGA Teaching Professional. 

In honor of Women's Golf Day, on Tuesday, June 2nd 2020, Coach Shayain hosted a Women's Golf Clinic in Richmond. She knew this clinic was going to be different than those she'd held in the past. Due to Covid-19 she would have to adhere to social distancing guidelines and yet still create an intimate environment for her students.

As a golf coach this was new territory for her since she was used to being able to adjust her students' hands to show them how to grip their club while standing closer than 2 meters.

However, with a little creative thinking she managed to come up with a safe and effective clinic for everyone involved.

Gustavsp had a great turnout of women from diverse backgrounds, with ages ranging from 13- 70+, and all skill levels. She had met a lady in the local park a few weeks prior to this event who had mentioned in their casual conversation that her dream was to learn to golf.


The Grip Is One Of The Most Important Basic Fundamentals In Playing Golf. Coach Shayain Works With A Student On That Aspect Here - image courtesy Shayain Gustavsp 

As it happened, she was one of the participants who showed up at the Women's Golf Day clinic and was extremely enthusiastic to learn. Before the clinic ended she asked, "If we could do this again next week?" because she had a great time and learned new skills.

"The main focus with beginner golfers is Golf Fundamentals," said Gustavsp. She mentioned that 80% of all bad shots happen before you hit the ball.

Helping golfers set-up correctly with GAPS (Grip, Alignment, Posture, Stance) is where she starts. Coach Shayain has released her Youtube Video on 'Grip' as part of her 4 part mini-series on 'Set-Up' (GAPS).

Click here to see her video on the three different ways to grip your golf club.

All the proceeds from the Women's Golf Day Clinic went to the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre, which helps protect women and children who are the most vulnerable.

Ace Athletics is a local women-owned athletic clothing company who reached out to Gustavsp on Instagram and provided all participants with a 20% off promo code on their website.