• Video: 8 Weird Things Golfers Do

    ** This video was filmed pre-lockdown **

    Neil Tappin with the UK's Golf Monthly takes a look at 8 weird things golfers do, from putting gloves in back pockets to plumb-bobbing and strange swing rehearsals. Take a look at this list and see how many you do. To 'non-golfers' many of these things look truly strange, but there is often a logic behind the weird things golfers do.

    ed. note: We particularly like the presentation of numbers 6 and 5...(also, from our observation there appears to be a solid influence from Greg Norman in at least some of these 'idiosyncracies' that carry on.


  • Video: THE MASTERS: Greatest Shots and Moments, 'Dear Masters'

    Courtesy Golf Focus and YouTube

    Over the years, The Masters has become a tradition unlike any other, taking place every April. This year however, it has been postponed to November. In lieu of an April 2020 Masters, we present this video of some of the greatest shots and moments from The Masters over the years.

    The Masters was started by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts, and was first played at Augusta National (designed by Jones and Alister MacKenzie) in 1934. In 1949, the tournament began giving out a Green Jacket to the champion.


  • How To Make A Portable Golf Putting Green For Less Than $1 A Square Ft.

    A perfect addition to any Game Room, Man Cave or Woman Cave. This video will show you how to build a flexible, portable putting green which can be easily reconfigured in seconds.

    Despite what may have been said in the video at around 1:07 minutes, the holes are 4.25 inches.


  • 7 Bizarre But True Stories About Augusta National Golf Club, Home Of The Masters

    Augusta National Image Courtesy Wikipedia

    By Kevin Cunningham/golf.com

    Every April — well, every April except this one — the top pro golfers, avid golf fans and hordes of media members make a mass migration to Augusta, Ga., and descend upon exclusive and private Augusta National Golf Club for the Masters. Thanks to this annual televised celebration of golf, diehard Masters fans may feel like they know the grounds and history of ANGC as well as their local muni.

    But how much do you really know about Augusta National? The truth is, despite the fact that 83 Masters tournaments have been contested there, the hallowed grounds of the club are still shrouded in mystery — and history.

    With everyone stuck at home this Masterless-Masters weekend, we compiled a selection of some truly strange and lesser-known stories about Augusta, so you can get a small peek at the club’s history beyond what it reveals every April. From hostage situations, to radical course redesigns, here are some of the most bizarre but true stories about Augusta National.

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  • The Best Golf Movies And Shows You Can Stream At Home Today

    By EMILY HAAS, Golf.com

    Now is the perfect time to catch up and rewatch your favorite golf movies and shows. We’ve gone through and listed the best ones by streaming service to help you fill your time while self-quarantining. Check out the below list, grab some popcorn, and start binging!

    Loopers: The Caddie’s Long Walk

    This Bill Murray movie explores the relationship between golfers and caddies showing the game from a unique perspective. Rent on Amazon for $3.99.

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  • A Little Golf Humour And Entertainment...Just Because

    The intent of this page is very simple, to make you laugh, smile or at least be entertained. The theme is golf, which makes sense we think.

    And humour, which almost always makes sense too. Enjoy.

  • Video: SCGA Rules Crew - Rule 16.1 'Nearest Isn't Always The Nicest'

    In this newest SCGA Rules Crew take on one of golf's often misinterpreted rules, 'Taking The Nearest Point Of Relief' - they remind us that, "Nearest Isn't Always Nicest" when fulfulling the obligations of the rule. 

    The 'nearest' point that offers 'relief' is often not all that nice. It helps to know the wording of the rule and specifically what 'relief' actually offers you...


  • It’s Back! Life In The Trap Comic Strip Returns

    A few years back a humorous comic strip centred around golf with some characters whose lives in and around the game are likely very familiar to many of us, was a regular feature in many golf publications and on websites.

    Life In The Trap, written by Seattle's Rick Newell, tells the story of Clay, Duff, Rosie, Putts and Carrie, the local golf pro, along with the occasional insight from 'Dimples' the golf ball. After a self-imposed hiatus, Newell has decided now is a good time to bring back the once hugely popular strip.

    There is a deeper, more meaningful story as to why Newell has resurrected the comic strip and what he hopes it can do toward a greater good. He and his wife run a program called M.U.S.T. - a mentorship program for young people that is having a real positive effect in their community.

  • Video: The European Tour Is At It Again - Luck Of The Draw: Beef v Hovland

    In the European Tour's latest video presentation they have come up with a challenge for their Tour Members they call, 'Luck Of The Draw' and in this episode Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston and Viktor Hovland go head-to-head. Filmed on the iconic par five 18th hole at the Emirates Golf Club, home of the Omega Dubai Desert Classic.

    The rules are as follows: each player will draw a random club for every shot, lowest score wins.


  • Behind The Scenes At The AT&T Pebble Beach Pro Am

    By Alfie Lau

    Abbotsford’s Nick Taylor is now forever a part of Pebble Beach history with his 2020 win at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Not only will he will be invited back to play in next year’s Chevron Putting Challenge on the Tuesday prior to the tournament, he will probably join the Superstar groups starting next year, with famous partners if he isn’t paired once again with Golf Digest’s Jerry Tarde.

    Tarde and Taylor finished T2 in the amateur side of the tournament, but Taylor is probably OK with that because he has the big trophy that really counts.

  • One Writer's Tribute To AT&T Pebble Beach Pro Am Winner Nick Taylor

     By Alfie Lau

    By now, you know that Abbotsford’s Nick Taylor won the 2020 AT&T Pro Am by four strokes over Kevin Streelman as Phil Mickelson folded in the final group and fell to third place. Taylor adds this title to the 2015 Sanderson Farms Championship and with two PGA TOUR titles, he has solidified his place in Canadian golf history.

    But let’s go all the way back to the 2009 U.S. Open, where I first met a 21-year-old Taylor who was paired with a recently turned pro Northern Irishman by the name of Rory McIlroy. McIlroy got most of the publicity at first, but Taylor showed his bona fides by not only making the cut, but winning the medal for Low Amateur.

  • Golf Channel Announces Holiday Programming To Cap 2019 Golf Season

    David Feherty Hosts The 'Brilliantly Stupid Not So Special Year-End Special' As Well As A Very Feherty Christmas This Month On Golf Channel - Image Courtesy Golf Channel

    ORLANDO, Florida — As the golf season wraps up in exciting fashion over the next few weeks with the Hero World Challenge and Presidents Cup highlighting the month of December, GOLF Channel has announced its holiday programming plans to close out 2019.

    The network’s slate of holiday programming began Tuesday Nov. 26th, with the premiere of Extraordinary Firsts – The Inaugural Augusta National Women’s Amateur (8 p.m. ET). Narrated by NBC Sports’ Emmy Award-winning reporter Michele Tafoya, the film chronicles the historic first edition of the event having taken place at Augusta National Golf Club this past April.

  • Video: Little Billy Tries European Tour Interview Comeback. Results...Mixed

    Remember 'Little Interviews'? In 2016, nine-year old child star Billy Jenkins found fame interviewing European Tour stars and golfing celebrities.

    The controversial interviews caught the attention of the golf world but since then, Billy’s career has stalled dramatically.

  • Video: We've Heard Of Being A Long Driver...But This Is Ridiculous

    Golf Trick Shot artist and 3-time Guiness Book of World Records holder, Karsten Maas, is at it again. Maas, who has been a golf professional for 30 years is mainly known as a trick shot artist and hits some amazing shots with unusual (to say the least) golf clubs.

    One of his staples is hitting a ball with clubs measuring further in shaft length than some of us hit the ball itself.

    Already the holder of the record for hitting a shot with 'The Longest Useable Club' Mass recently 'added' to his mark by swinging, connecting with a ball, and hitting it over 90 yards... using a driver that measured nearly 37 1/2 feet in length. 

    World record video for the third World Record from Karsten Maas. The longest usable golf club, 11,40 meters  (37.4 ft) ...  hit 83,3 meters...(273.294 ft or 91.098 yds)



    To get an idea of Maas' other Trick Shot abilities watch this video. 


  • The 7 Scariest Shots In Golf

    Seven Spooky Shots That Are Sure To Scare Starts With The Next Shot After A.....Shank! 

    By Neil Tappin/Golf Monthly UK

    With Halloween upon us, we have selected the 7 scariest shots in golf. From the next shot after a shank to an approach over water, this lot will leave you quaking in your boots!

    The 7 Scariest Shots in Golf

    1. Next shot after a shank

    You reach the top of your backswing and then… What’s that?… Paranormal activity in the downswing causes a biblical hosel-rocket. You’re left searching for your ball and scratching your head. The feeling of utter disbelief will shortly be replaced by one of abject fear. ‘Maybe if I come more from the inside I’ll find the middle of the bat.’ Yeah… that’ll do it!

  • Canada’s Most Haunted Golf Clubs

    The Venerable Victoria Golf Club Is Also The Home Of Victoria's Most Famous Ghost - Image Courtesy VGC

    Courtesy Golf Canada Archives

    With its long history and vast geography, Canada boasts many strange and spooky tales. There are haunted coal mines in Cape Breton, poltergeists in Calgary and even a pair of haunted boots in St. Vincent’s Newfoundland.

    It is no wonder, therefore, that golf courses across the country are rumoured to be home to some extraordinary spirits.

  • Another Week, Another Rules Controversy As Euro Tour Player’s Preferred Lies 10-Shot Penalty Leads To DQ

    By JOEL BEALL, Golf Digest

    It's a good thing professional golf does not have a "Number of Days Since Last Rules Controversy" sign placed at tournament sites. Because it would never crack double digits.

    [In a span of one week], the sport has seen Lee Ann Walker assessed 58 penalty strokes for having her caddie improperly line her up on putts and Jesper Parnevik dinged for not taking a mulligan.

    Joining those ill-famed ranks is Marcel Siem.

    Click here for the full story...

  • Video: Lefty The 'Bushwhacker'

    Phil Mickelson is a 5-time Major winner and a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame. And that's just for what he does when he keeps his ball in the same time zone as the golf course he's playing.

    Actually, he's a lot more fun when he's trying to get his ball back into the vicinity from whence he started.

    His recovery shots easily match and often outdistance - both literally and figuratively - his regular highlights. For our most recent exhibit we present Phil hitting his ball from out of a bush... somewhere off to the side of the 9th hole it appears (see Shot Tracker screenshot below) in the recent Shriners Open.

    Suffice to say there were no TV cameras set up to capture this shot. Probably not too many hit from this particular area. But thanks to today's social media there was of course a fan with a phone handy. 

    Oh, and Lefty will hit this shot for you using his driver. Over trees. Approximately 200 yards.

    And make par

    You're welcome. 


  • Video: Flagstick. Friend or Foe?

    We hear a lot of different opinions on the 'flagstick in or out' option these days. Though that has mainly to do with the new rules allowing you to putt on the greens with the flag still in the hole while unattended. 

    After watching some of these PGA TOUR guys ring the ball off the flagpole you might think they'd have preferred to have it out. From as much as 100 yards. 


  • Tee It Forward And Have More Fun

    By Brad Ziemer, British Columbia Golf

    In Larry Gilhuly’s opinion, the three biggest issues facing the game of golf are pace of play, player enjoyment and economic sustainability.

    Gilhuly likes to think he has the solution for all three. “The answer for all of these, in my opinion, are properly placed forward tees,” Gilhuly told the Annual General Meeting of British Columbia Golf at Tsawwassen Springs Golf Club.

    For much of his 35-year career with the United States Golf Association, Gilhuly was all about agronomy. His formal title with the USGA is Agronomist, West Region. In other words, Gilhuly is an expert on growing grass. But in recent years, Gilhuly has become passionate -- very passionate -- about teeing it forward. And by forward, he means way forward. “This topic that I am talking about has got me fired up,” Gilhuly told his audience.