• Why I Start Every Day In St. Andrews

    A webcam view of the first hole of The Old Course, where the grandstands are being built for this summer's Open Championship. (Image: St Andrews webcam)

    by Brian Kendall

    My morning webcam visits to the Old Course connect me to the game and fuel my imagination with the possibilities of the day. 

    Rain or shine, every morning after breakfast I head straight for the first tee of the Old Course in St. Andrews. 

    Well, not in person. But I almost feel like I’m there thanks to the spectacularly clear and versatile webcam operated by the St. Andrews Links Trust.

  • Movie Review: Putting The Squeeze On The Squeeze

    by Jim Claggett, Inside Golf

    Movies about sports are difficult, both to make and sometimes to even watch.

    Hollywood has tried for years to find the perfect balance between the drama needed to drive the story and the realism of the sport to make it believable.

    The most recent entry into the competition is “The Squeeze”, a story about a young golfer with loads of talent and a need for money.

  • BCG Contests 2015

    The Picking The Majors Contest powered by Inside Golf... Make your picks to win a Nike Vapor Driver!

  • Plugged In The Hazard: No Glutes, No Glory

    by Andrew Penner, Inside Golf (Humour)

    News flash: going through an extended period of ‘suckage’ – ie: the plight of Tiger Woods – is not an unusual occurrence for high-calibre golfers.

  • Unusual Gifts For the Golfer

    Here's some different ideas for the golfer in the family.

    The Fuelband

    NikeFuelbandNike+ FuelBand tracks how much, how often, and how intensely you move using “NikeFuel”, a universal way to measure movement for all kinds of activities. For golfers, you can also track number of steps and for the weight-conscious, you can count calories. The results can be synched to your mobile device or downloaded onto your computer or tablet. MSRP: $149.95. Visit www.nikegolf.ca for more information





    Game Golf

    Playing golf should be exactly that - playing. With Game Golf, game tracking happens in the  background, so yo u can focus on playing instead of note-taking. Install the unique tags into each of your clubs and simply tag each club to the device before you take your shot. Game Golf logs what club you use and where on the course you use it. By combining these observations, your game is visualized like never before. Round stats can be viewed on mobile devices and tablets using the Game Golf app after uploading your game via a laptop or desktop computer. MSRP: $$269.99 Visit www.gamegolf.com

    The OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra “Golf”

    You’ve seen the ads and even if you can’t have the golf game of Rory McIlroy, you can have his watch. To celebrate its expanding presence in the world of golf, OMEGA created this warch inspired by the Ryder Cup (which they sponsor in the U.S.) With distinctive green or blue and gold elements on its dial, the models in this collection fashionably identify with a truly global sport and reflect OMEGA’s commitment to promoting the global growth of the game. Priced from under $6000. www.omegawatches.com

    The Pill

    pillThink of a tire. If you don't roll it straight, it wobbles around or falls flat. The same logic is applied to a golf ball to create "The Pill™ Golf Training Ball," a training tool with major feedback. The Pill golf training ball helps you understand your swing by exaggerating flaws for quick detection & correction. Inaccuracies send it wobbling, rolling at a curve or falling on its side. Instant insight improves your performance for putt, chip & full shot. Visit www.thepillgolf.com MSRP: $12.95


  • Thieves Go Shopping To

    Dec 8, 2014

    Jim Lee, British Columbia Golf

    Faster than you can pick out just the right holiday gift, a thief can break into your car. Downtown Vancouver attracts
    thousands of visitors seeking gifts and cheerful winter attractions. Unfortunately, the city also attracts criminals who
    see ‘treasure-trunks’ of holiday loot in busy parking lots.

  • Tiger and Rory: Promoting the Game in China

    November 5, 2014

    Jim Lee, British Columbia Golf

    There are a number of scenes from this Back9 video that are interesting.  Rory and Tiger are helping to promote the game in China and it is obvious by the enthusiasm (and size) of the crowds that there is a lot of interest, particularly from the juniors that go through a clinic with the two ambassadors.  Mission Hills lives up to its reputation as one of the premiere golf resorts in the world in some of the background shots.  Watch the video here.

  • The Greatest Trick Shot Video Ever?

    October 28, 2014

    Jim Lee, British Columbia Golf

    The Back9Network asks if this is the greatest trick shot video ever.  After viewing the remarkable footage of the Bryan brothers having a lot of fun with basketballs and golf balls, my first question was "How many shots did it take for them to get these shots right?"

    These millenials are certainly having fun on a golf course.  I'd be willing to bet that they are also pretty good golfers watching their hand/eye coordination. While it may not take much skill to hit a basketball with a golf club, putting that basketball through a hoop from 10 meters away certainly does.

    Watch the video here.

  • Winter Water Damage Tips From CDI

    October 14, 2014

    Canadian Direct Insurance

    With Winter comes the inevitable deluge of rain. Just like a good raincoat, your home needs proper protection to prevent costly water damage. Moisture inside the home also leads to mold, which causes health problems and can be difficult to remediate. Water leakage from indoor plumbing is a less obvious threat, but causes equally severe damage. Water damage is now the number one cause of homeowner claims. A recent research paper released in February of 2014 by the Canadian institute of Actuaries outlines that data collected by the Insurance Bureau of Canada indicates that water damage is the leading cause of loss with respect to both the number of claims (48%) and the paid dollars of claims (47%). By comparison, fires represented only 4% with respect to the number of claims and 31% of paid dollars towards claims!

  • Are We Having Fun Yet?

    March, 2013

    Andrew Penner, Inside Golf

    Yes, we can sugarcoat it all day long, but sometimes golf – and don’t come after me with your five-iron for saying it – just isn’t fun.

    Yes, yes, I know, that’s blasphemy. I’ve got a pitchfork and very hot flames in my future, I get it.
    But, come on, we’ve all played a round of golf that was about as much fun as peeing on a spark plug.
    Indeed, when the birds are chirping, the company is good, and Big Bertha is behaving, a game of golf is great. That’s a given. It’s why we fork over a day’s pay and peg it up.
  • Dancing Bear Cub At Fairmont Hot Springs

    Sept 15, 2014

    Jim Lee, British Columbia Golf

    A playful young bear created national news. and lots of controversy, with a visit to the 15th green at Fairmont Mountainside Golf Course. Bears are a regular sight at the Resort, but how close do you want to get to a mother black bear with cubs? Whar's the ruling when a bear steals your ball off the green? Read the Vancouver Sun blog and watch the video here

  • Bohemian Rhapsody - A golfing parody tribute

    If you like golf... and you like Queen... why not combine them?! Check out what some golf and Queen fans did with Bohemian Rhapsody


  • US Open Historical Fast Facts

    Here are ten quick facts from the last 114 years of the US Open…

  • Who Will Do Better At Pinehurst: Adam Or Rory?

    Consulting astrological charts, tea leaves and ouija boards, the Inside Golf Blogger helps you choose sure winners for the US Open Picking The Majors contest. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to win the Nike VRS Covert 2.0 Driver.

  • Mercedes-Benz Designs Visionary Golf Cart

    During this year's Open Championship, Mercedes-Benz presented the "Mercedes-Benz Vision Golf Cart."